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COVID-19 got you down? Try these 5 study groups with experimenters everywhere!

Times are getting rough and more isolated every hour. As I started to think of ways we can stay connected as experimenters, I began thinking of materials that we as experts in this field use to keep our skills at the highest possible level.

Reading Group

I'm an advocate of reading, but I must confess that I do not read as often as I should. But if you want to continue learning, you must read and share your thoughts with peers. Here are three recommended books to start your "Experimenter's Reading Group" thanks to some friends of mine and their book recommendations.

Virtual Discussion Panels

I know of a really cool discussion panel churning with that I think everyone could benefit from. Additionally, VWO hosts many virtual speakers on topics ranging from ground up experimentation teams to unpacking complex data sets. Connect with these businesses on LinkedIn!

Online Learning

To be honest, are you an experimenter if you aren't always learning? These courses on Udemy have some fantastic topics from other experts in many if not all fields. I find the marketing, statistics, software engineering/development, and data science courses highly complimentary to the challenges I face with testing.

Business to Business Support

Reach out to your partnering consulting companies, reps and friends in fields that support yours. Find out ways that you can learn more and possibly participate in a DEMO. You never know what's possible unless you reach out.

Virtual Coffee and Chat

This is probably my favorite! Connect to your friends and their friends in marketing, product management, data science, experimentation/optimization and UX etc. Form a virtual group, grab your coffee and enjoy a couch discussion on some of your favorite/least favorite experiments you ran in the past year. What have you learned and how can you pivot the upcoming year to address the uncertainty.

Hope this helps! Drop comments on ways you are enhancing your career in experimentation!


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