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I have always found my passion in expressing myself through art with a natural talent for creativity. So I tend to dive into projects that give me the opportunity to be creative but also methodical. Math and science have also been areas of strong interest to me and although initially, I was pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering, I quickly realized that physics was more in line with my creative thinking process. knowing and understanding the mechanics of life align with my thought process. That is why I love researching and discovering new concepts and presenting different approaches to resolving problems. Growing up we always hear "use your imagination", if using your imagination to resolve problems was good enough for Albert Einstein then who am I to argue with genius.

I believe that having a strong logical side and an equally strong creative side is the best balance that one could have. It's how I figure things out! 

If you are ever interested in the artist side of things or my world travels, visit my other websites below! I also have a Science Fiction Trilogy releasing in April called "Bible of the Phoenix | Birth of Existence".If there's anything i've learned, it's that you can't be afraid to try things in life. You really never know which possibility will work for you. 


 I'm always open to connect and engage with new people around the world, so don't be shy! Let's set out on this journey to becoming experimentation experts together!

Everything is possible, yet nothing is real until it is observed, but it is only real at that moment for that condition. Folks, we live in uncertainty.

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Kenya Davis

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