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Entrepreneur,  Freelance writer,

designer and experimentation expert speaker

I thrive on researching what it is to be an expert strategist for experimentation no matter the medium. If you are an experimentation junkie, connect with me on Linked In so that we can share thoughts and experiences. 

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Get insights into new learnings and my personal thoughts on how to pivot your business' experimentation program. In small and large corporations, who does the work? Follow me on this journey to locating and speaking with THE great experts in the industry!

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Israel Caines

Sr. AB Testing Analyst

"It is quite rare that one gets the opportunity to work for an inspiring manager that maximizes your potential by utilizing your strengths and cultivating your weaknesses. I was privileged to get that opportunity working with Kenya on the AB testing team at Lowe’s. For over a year, I have had the pleasure of working with Kenya on several projects. From optimizing the AB testing program at Lowe’s, to building the groundwork for an internal AB testing solution, I have had a firsthand look at what it means to be an exceptional leader for a growing team within an organization. I am always blown away by her tireless work ethic to do whatever it takes to complete each project efficiently and her ability to fearlessly take on any challenge or obstacle presented along the way. Her wit and humor is perfect for building camaraderie within a team and a positive work environment for all fellow employees. With her innovative ideas and relentless drive to get the most out of her team, Kenya would be a tremendous asset to any company seeking to grow and advance their business in the field of technology"

Kristin Dennis

Digital Analytics Leader

"Kenya is a natural leader. I have seen many examples of her talent. She is strategic, creative, effective and driven. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and is consistently able to rise to any challenge. She has a passion for her career and coworkers and inspires all of those that work with her. A true asset to any team."

Margo Harris

Marketing Data Analyst | Podcast Producer and Host

"Kenya is an innovative ambassador for the integrity of A/B testing. Kenya is very knowledgeable about true multivariant AB testing best practices and stays current with the rapidly changing landscape of web experimentation and personalization. While creating the AB Testing and Optimization program for Lowes Digital Kenya communicated her vision to her team and assigned projects according to our strengths. Kenya has a genuine interest in developing employees' careers and keeps her team motivated to do their best work. This mentoring style of management creates an upbeat, positive work environment that I am very happy to be a part of. Kenya is a rising star in the growing customer experience optimization space and hiring her is one of the smartest business moves any company can make."


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